The War to End All Wars


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Morecambe 1915

Manchester Regiment in Morecambe

Recently shown to us by one of our supporters. This is the 20th Battalion, Manchester Regiment in Morecambe. The photograph is dated Feb 10th 1915. and the chaps depicted in the picture are "B" Company, Platoon No. 5, Section 4.

The photograph was taken by R.P. Rudd who traded from 80 Clarendon Road, West End, Morecambe. Our supporter has seen others like this in the Rudd Series.

Lt. Robert Forbes Mansergh MC

These items were brought in by Sue Nelson who inherited them from her grandmother's brother. Lt. Mansergh served with the King's Own Royal Lancaster Regiment and then Manchester Regiment in the Great War and won no less than the Military Cross for his actions.

He was awarded the medal in September, 1916 for his bravey in preventing injuries and tending the wounded in a grenade training accident.

Lt. Robert Forbes Mansergh MC


We will remember them!

German Gaede Helmet

Gaede Helmet

A recent addition to the collection is a reproduction WWI German Gaede helmet. By 1915 it was recognised by medical staff of British, German and French armies that 80% of all wounds being treated were caused by shrapnel, rock, wood, bone, and other fragments travelling slower than bullets and at low velocity. Frustrated at having no efficient replacement form of headdress, a Lieutenant-Colonel Hesse had 1500 improvised helmets made. The Gaede helmet saw very limited service for less than a year before the M1916 Stahlhelm became a universal replacement to all troops. The small number of Gaede helmets then in service were withdrawn and melted down, therefore few survive. Recognised as being one of the very first experiments in soldiers' head protection, the Gaede represents an important step in combat helmet development. An interesting addition to The Great war heirtage project.